Hukou Waterfal

Hukou Waterfall located at the intersection of Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province, some 400 kilometers from Xian, is the second largest waterfall in China. 
The mighty Yellow River, the second largest river in China, surges its way from Qinghai Province to the border of Shanxi and Shaanxi Provinces where it suddenly finds its way through a narrow valley, blocked in by mountains. The riverbed abruptly narrows down from 300 meters to 50 meters, turning the placid water into rapids. The tremendous weight of water splashes onto the rocks, forming a magnificent waterfall, 15 meters high and 20 meters wide, as if the water is pouring down from a huge teapot, hence the name Hukou(‘mouth of teapot’). The scene can be overwhelming, water stiring up masses of smoke and cloud, colors turning from yellow to grey, grey to blue. The locals call this awesome scenery ”smoke from the river”.

Hours: 08:00-18:00 
Transportation: Taking bus from Xian train station to Yichuan county 
Address: 48km, East of Yichuan county, Shaanxi province 
Others: Recommended season for a visit: July, August, September