Oriental Hotel

Introduction to the Hotel

Standing in the cultural center of southern Xi’an City and the newly added stop of the airport shuttle bus, Oriental Hotel is situated at the geomantic and treasured land used by Taizong Emperor Li Shimin of Tang Dynasty to welcome the return of Buddhist Monk Xuan Zang from his pilgrimage in India. It is close to the famous Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi Provincial Historical Museum, and Daxingshan Temple. The grand lobby decoration combines the typical oriental and Western culture and features the luxury, coziness, elegance and nobility of the hotel. The huge relief themed theCharm of Qin and Spirit of Han standing on both sides of the hotel entrance, the Chinese zither originated from Qin Dynasty, the Bamboo slips from Han Dynasty, the ancient chimes, the flying Apsaras, the Great Wall, the desserts, the camel bells, and other distinctive Chinese cultures have fully unveiled the great charm of Chinese culture. Our unique rotating business club will allow guests to have a panoramic view of the beautiful sceneries in Xi’an and look far into the Zhongnan Mountain during their conference break and while they are dining. Oriental Hotel is an ideal place for your business and tourist travels.

Hotel Policies

Check-in and check-out time: Check in after 12:00 and check out before 14:00


Pets: No pets please.


General facilities: Chinese Restaurant, parking area, air-conditioning, lift, and waiting room

Services:Business Center, conference service,medical service,wake-up call service, laundry service, food delivery service, tourism service, car rental service, full-time baggage man, foreign exchange service,  chess and card room, sauna,massage and health care

Room facilities: room facilities: independent shower room, study, multi-function power supply, domestic toll call, cable channel, slippers, LCD TV, 24-hour hot water supply, electric kettle

Address: 393 Zhuque Street, Yanta District, Xi’an City (at the northeast corner of the Ziwu Road crossing)