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Grand Hongkong Restaurant


   Dominated by genuine Hongkong cuisine and Cantonese seafood dishes, the Grand Hongkong Restaurant has won many honors and titles, including the “World Famous Restaurant Brand”, “China’s Top 10 Restaurants”, “Top 100 Catering Companies in China”, “Senior member of Chaine des Rotisseurs”, “China 5A Green Restaurant”, and the “Star Charity Company in the New Century” granted by the State Council, opening up a brand-new page for the development of catering industries in Northwest China. Former state leader Li Ruihuan has patronized this restaurant and contributed his personal inscription, which reads, “It’s a bliss to eat food and prolong life”. The Grand Hongkong Restaurant enjoys great fame across the nation for its superb and distinctive Hongkong and Cantonese cuisine.

Special Dishes

    Sea cucumber in golden millet soup, variegated carp casseroles, roasted pigeon, and crystal shrimp dumpling


    Grand Hongkong Restaurant in Ambassador Hotel: 1 Central East Ring, Beilin District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

    029-82403688  029-82403699

    Grand Hongkong on Gaoxin Road: 3 Gaoxin Road, West of Second South Ring, Yanta District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

    029-88220622  029-88220623