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Chun Fa Sheng Restaurant


   Chun Fa Sheng Hotel, a prestigious restaurant with a long history, was founded in 1920 and known throughout China for its unique “healthy Feast with Han and Tang Features”, “Health-keeping Five-colored Vegetable Dish”, “Pita Bread Soaked in Pork Intestine Soup” and many other distinctively Shaanxi cuisine. Inheriting the highly health-keeping philosophy of the Sun Simiaohonored as the “king of medicines” and the thousand-year-long traditional recipe, its “Pita Bread Soaked in Pork Intestine Soup” and “Health-keeping Five-colored Vegetable Dish”have been honored as “Famous Chinese Snack” and “Famous Chinese Cuisine”by the Ministry of Commerce and China Cuisine Association. Its “Pita Bread Soaked in Pork Intestine Soup” has also been included in the national intangible cultural heritage list. Chun Fa Sheng Restaurant has successfully served a great many party and national leaders, for which reason it has been considered as one of the “windows” for Xi’an and Shaanxi’s hospitality. It has also obtained inscription of “A Wonderful Dish in China” from former CPC Central Committee Member Li Tieying.

Special Dishes

    Pita bread soaked in pork intestine soup, spicy and hot hearts, Spring Festival Feast, barbecued gourd in honey


    Chun Fa Sheng Restaurant on Nanyuanmen Road: North of No.25 Nanyuanmen Road, Fenxiang Lane


    Chun Fa Sheng on Second East Ring: South of Beishapo Street, Shapo Village, Beilin District, Shapo Village (close to Yu Pin Xuan)