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Huimin Halal Food Court on Beiguangji Street

This is one of the places to find all kinds of Halal snacks in Xi’an City, including the Laomajia Rice and Jujube Cake (205 Northeast of Majia Crossing), one of the most famous cakes in Xi’an. Countless customers gather here from afar just for the fresh and hot Laomajia Rice and Jujube Cake just taken out of the steamer. The superb taste, affordable price, and the hospitable service have attracted endless food lovers.

Special snacks: Laomajia Rice and Jujube cake, Liujia roast chicken, Laotiejia five-spice preserved beef and lamb, Kailisi dried persimmon, Laoxujia deep friend persimmon pastry, Laoliujia pita bread soaked in beef/lamb soup, Laobaijia lamb breast in hot chili, Laoliujia fried dumpling, Majia mutton offal soup, and Laoliujia steamed pork with rice flour.

Business hours: Day and night

Address: Beiguangji Street

How to get there: Take Bus 501 or 702 to Guangjijie Stop

Location: Central West Street