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Neighboring to the Bell&Drum Tower Square, this place is located in the busy downtown area of the city. At night this place is beautifully lit and crowded with visitors, boasting of great prosperity. The most well-known snacks here include Pingwa Barbecue, Jiasan soup stuffed buns, and lamb breast in hot chili.

Famous snacks: Fengjiacasserole and barbecue, Special Barbecue, LinyuelouAnjia stir fries, Pingwa barbecue, Laiyite special snacks, Laowujia desserts, Junwa barbecue and spicy hot pot, Lijia fried dumplings, Yifenli noodle house, Lanjia barbecue, Haijia barbecue, Jisan soup stuffed buns, No.1 Shaanxi pita bread soaked in beef/lamb stirfry, Laojinjialamb breast in hot chili, Laoanjia traditional cakes, and Honghong parched rice.

Business hours: 6pm-early morning

Address: Bell&Tower Square and enter from the Drum Tower entrance

How to get there: Take Bus 706 or 707 to Beiyuanmen Stop

Location: East of the West Street (Bell&Drum Tower)