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Dongxin Street

this is a large night market in the center of Xi’an City. It contains approximately 50 stalls thatprovides all kinds of snacks. Dominated by Shaanxi local food, it also serves all kinds of foods from all over China to meet the needs of different customers.

Variety of snacks: All kinds of local snacks, stirfries, casseroles, rice noodles, spicy hot pot, seafood hot pot, steamed stuffed buns, dumplings, meat and fish barbecue, lobster tails, beef tripe hot pot, pita bread soaked in beef/lamb soup, and all kinds of food stalls.

Specially recommended dishes: Changji traditional Cantonese seafood hot pot, Changji snacks, Changji spicy hot pot, Ji’an beef tripe hot pot, Xiaoliu meat and fish barbecue, Xiaolijia steamed buns, Laoluojiastirfries, Xieji rice noodle casserole, Anjia dumplings, delicious and healthy oat noodle. Nowadays the food court is mainly dominated by lobster tails, including the Laobaijia lobster tails.

Business hours: 6:00pm-12:00am

Address: Central Jiefang Road

How to get there: Take Bus 502 or 702 to Dongxinjie Stop