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Baoji Bronzeware Museum

As the only comprehensive museum named after bronzeware in China today, Baoji Bronzeware Museum located on the west side of South Gongyuan Road in Baoji City, covering an area of 20.7 mu. Constructed in the pattern of “five tripots on the same platform”, the buildings as an integral whole fully display the solemn and vigorous charm of bronzeware for their compact structure, novel and distinctive style. The exhibition titled “the light of Zhou and Qin Civilization” displays more than 400 groups historic and cultural relics such as bronzeware, jade, pottery and gold wares, most of them are rare and invaluable treasures and the bronzewares account for 75%. The exhibition turns out a harmonious combination of science, arts, knowledge and interest.

Address: South Gongyuan Road, Baoji City, Shaanxi