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Triumphant and happy in Xi'an ( Palace of room of A)  Hotels       Shaanxi   Xi'an   Urban area     

Triumphant and happy (the palace of room of A ) in Xi'an hotels are praised as one of the best hotels of Xi'an. Xi'an Xianyang from International airport to 43 of hotel, take the drive can reach Xi'an center 50 minutes only. To the eighth major miracle of the world in front of hotels -The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin are also the drive of 50 minutes, our concierge can arrange the visiting distance for Your Excellency's relaxation .
Triumphant and happy (the palace of room of A ) in Xi'an hotels have 404 luxurious and magnificent guest rooms, including honoured guest's high , commercial suite , administrative suite , director's suite , the diplomatic suite and president suite. All guest room of hotel on is it , collect traditional gracefulness of Chinese style with modern to is it combine together to design to fit up recently, embody first-class comfort and practicability. All guest rooms are furnished with broadband Internet and insert ports , so that Your Excellency enjoys the facility of the high-speed communication to the limit. The honoured guest high & reg; There is a recreation drawing room with graceful environment on the 9th floor , offer unique individualization service for the honored guest that has insight alone specially.
Triumphant and happy (the palace of room of A ) in Xi'an hotels offer food and beverage of different flavors of China and foreign countries service. The restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants of Xi'an in our precious pavilion of Sichuan Province, offer genuine Guangdong Cuisine , Sichuan Cuisine and Shaanxi cuisine. Xifeng drawing room - The coffee shop offers various countries choosing table delicacies , including American breakfast buffet and flavor buffet of foreign country of noon and in the evening carefully in whole day. There are orchestras to stay field performances in 6 days of every week to revitalize the paradise, fresh and quiet Tian Shuiwei makes Your Excellency sample the afternoon tea or the idle feeling refined taste of the cocktail at night with all worries set aside. Hotels have room service of 24-hour guest room besides.
Triumphant and happy (the palace of room of A ) in Xi'an hotels have various kinds of banquets and meeting facilities. Including the drawing room of room of A that can hold 300 people to have a dinner at the same time and 5 function rooms not of uniform size, suitable for such many kinds of occasions as the meeting , seminar , exhibition and formal banquet ,etc.. There is superior audio-visual equipment for Your Excellency to select for use in hotels . Commercial center offer complete secretarial service , Internet work station and 1 8 people following meeting room.
Xi'an triumphant getting happy recreation recreational facilities of hotel, including self-contained health care high , beauty parlor and shopping corridor ,etc.. We can also arrange and near the golf course of the urban area for Your Excellency .

Open in 1990     Fitted up in 2001 
Use gymnasium facilities free; Join the triumphant happy international gold passport and reward the project free! (Gold passport triumphant happy reward plan of world, gold passport member any triumphant happy hotel is consumed in the world, will obtain considerable reward and total mark , according to the total mark , can enjoy by the free upgrading that triumphant happy world offered , such extremely attractive reward as the free house , the free ticket ,etc.. )
Honoured guest's high more free service: Move in and welcome the flower , fruit on the same day ; Cocktail party and pastry of free dusk; Free tea and coffee of whole day; The room uses the optic fibre interface free; Use the meeting room for an hour free!
Will it be May 26 2006- move in triumphant happy guest room welcome fruit , offer guest room make the coffee machine by oneself free free August 31, tea set , departure time can be lengthenned to 18: 00, Use the gymnasium free , join the triumphant happy gold passport member and reward the activity free 
Triumphant and happy in Xi'an ( Palace of room of A)  Hotel address: East street No. 158 of Xi'an   

Relevant information 
Traffic: From the city center: 0 kilometers, from the railway station: 2 kilometers , airport: 45 kilometers.
Food and beverage facilities: The precious pavilion of Sichuan Province lies in 1 storey of hotels , there are 150 seats . This is one of the most popular Chinese Restaurants of Xi'an, offer genuine Guangdong Cuisine , Sichuan Cuisine and Shaanxi cuisine. We have zero menus , set menu menus to especially recommend menus and for Your Excellency to select to the head cook . There are seven private compartments with refined style besides.
Meeting facilities: The meeting room can hold 300 people .
Recreation facilities: Court , fitness room , massage parlour , sauna.
Service facility: Court , fitness room , massage parlour , sauna.
Credit card: Visacard , tree peony card , card of gold ear of grain , Great Wall Card , dragon card , Pacific Ocean card , Master Card , Diners Club Card , JCBcard.
View around: Parkson Shopping Center.
Net surfing situation: There is broadband interface in all rooms, 50 yuan per day.