Sheraton Hotel


Xi'an Sheraton Corp. hotel stands by the west city wall of Xi'an, is only the drive of several minutes from the city center .
It is complete that hotels have 418 guest rooms , facilities, with beautiful environment, make you appreciate the unique scenic spots and historical sites in Xi'an heartily, enjoy the comfortable and thoughtful high quality services ; Is it taste delicacy one hundred bad smell all over China to want, the pavilion will surely meet your demand behind the emperor; The Western-style delicacy of the drawing room of Silk Road is also selected meticulously too, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once; If is it taste light food and cocktail to want, horse corridor must choose.
Through the activity of one day, guests can be in the advanced gymnasium of the equipment, or go to the swimming pool with bar to relax the nerve, releive the pressure. The night hangs low, the night club , there is Karaoka disc pub of the private room in hotels , let you indulge in material comfort heartily , can also appreciate the service of the free film for 24 hours .


Open in 1991   Will fit up in 2006   The floor is 18 storeys high   418 guest rooms / set
Superior, price suck double breakfast weekend among being luxurious
Hotel address of Sheraton Corp. of Xi'an: East road No. 262 of abundant pick of Xi'an   

Relevant information 
Traffic: From the airport: 35 kilometers, from the railway station: 5 kilometers, from the city center: 5 kilometers 
Food and beverage facilities: Garden Tang restaurant manage Tans cuisine , the Western Regions Western food restaurant , abundant pick cuisine variety street mainly ( Fast food )  
Meeting facilities: The desk type of large banquet hall can hold 300 people 
Recreation facilities: Discotheque , Karaoka room , swimming pool , fitness room , sauna , cosmetology , massage 
Service facility: Commercial center , parking area , laundry , ticketing service service , market 
Credit card: Great Wall Card of Bank of China, tree peony card of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, card of Pacific Ocean of Communications Bank of China, money tassel card of Agricultural Bank of China , dragon card , international card of China Merchants Bank , international credit card Master (Master ) , majestic person of international credit card of Chinese Construction Bank  (VISA), international credit card transport getting coherent , international credit card heavy coming (Diners Club ) , international credit card JCB
View around: Palace site of room of world supermarket of home , Silk Road starting point , A 
Net surfing situation: All rooms surf the Net with broadband: 0.17 yuan per minute, 50 yuan per day