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Xi’an Hotel



   Xi’an Hotel, a world famous food&beverage outlet, a time-honored brand in China, and one of the first group of protected organization included in the national intangible cultural heritage list in Xi’an City, was established in 1929. It moved to the current address in East Street from the Sandao Lane on West Street in Xi’an in 1958. During the early years after its establishment, there were ballads on “East Bell, West Drum, dark dragon, white tiger, delicious food, hot soup, all in Xi’an Hotel”.  After nearly a century’s development, Xi’an Hotel has been dedicated to becoming a leading brand in Shaanxi as well as preserving and promoting Shaanxi cuisine. It has been committed to the constant discovery, inheritance, and innovation of menus with distinctive Shaanxi features and has been widely known as the “encyclopedia of Shaanxi food. With a history of 83 years, it has provided services to countless national leaders, patriotic generals, and cultural celebrities, including Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying, Zhang Xueliang, Yang Hucheng, Lao She and Liuqing. A great number of heads of states including former President of North Korea Kim II Sung and Czech President Klaus and big names from Tai Wan including Lian Zhan, Song Chuyu and Wu Boxiong were also guests of Xi’an Hotel, which gained its fame across the nation for repeatedly feasting important figures before and after the famous “Xi’an Incident”. With the approval from Premier Zhou Enlai, the hotel was expanded in the 1970s and inscribed by the literary great GuoMoruo. Boasting of strong technological force, Xi’an Hotel servies thousands of Shaanxi cuisine and snacks carefully prepared by famous chef. Each dish has its own particular style and flavor. It has been honored as “the landmark for the food culture in Shaanxi” for its superior skill in preparing Shaanxi-featured food and snacks and gathering different delicacies in Shaanxi Province. It has set up an outstanding brand image characterized by profound culture, distinctive feature, top quality and pursuit for excellence during the process of inheriting, promoting, and developing Shaanxi cuisine. Recently, Xi’an Hotel has set up nine large and medium restaurants, including Xi’an Hotel on Fenghao Road, Xi’an Hotel on Jinhua South Road, Daqin Hall of Bell Tower Hotel, Xi’an Hotel on Chang’an South Road, Xi’an Hotel on Jinye Road in New and High-tech Zone, Xi’an Hotel on No.5 Fengcheng Road, Qinhuai Lobster Restaurant, Xi’an Hotel•Courtyard, all of which feature the Tang culture, local culture, traditional culture, and the special features of the time-honored restaurants, achieving the transformation from traditional brand into a modern catering brand. During the development progress, it has won the awards and title of International Hotel Management Quality Gold Award, International Cooking Quality Gold Award, and World Famous Restaurant Brand. It has also won hundreds of national, provincial and municipal honors, including the “Meritorious Enterprise During the 30-Year Open and Reform Policy” and Famous Chinese Restaurant, forming a business structure focusing on one industry and aiming for diversified development.

Special Dishes

   Golden Tripod Award-winning roasted whole chicken, carnose noodle, dried persimmons, deep-fried stuffed pastries, multi-layer shortcake, and other local snacks


   Xi’an Hotel in Lifeng International: 8/F Lifeng International Shopping Mall, No.59 Jinhua South Road, Beilin District

   029-87816888  029-87889888

   Xi’an Hotel on East Street: 298 East Street, Beilin District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

   029-87680660  029-87680880

   Xi’an Hotel on Fenghao Road: 30 Fenghao East Road, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

   029-84295768  029-84295780

   Xi’an Hotel on Jinye Road: 38 Jinye Road, New and High-tech Zone


   Xi’an Hotel on No.5 Fengcheng Road: 26 No.5 Fengcheng Road, Weiyang District