Musical Fountain

Musical fountain are located at the axes of north square. The length from south to north is 350 meters and the width from east to west is 52 meters. The waterscape is shaped as T and the widest part is N meters. It consists of a hundred meter waterfall pool, eight stages pool and musical pool. Each of these three parts can performance individually or performance altogether. The musical fountain is very great, splendiferous and glorious. The eight-stage fountain is formed by 1024 nozzles and each nozzle is controlled by individual pumps and transducers

Musical fountain has 22 kinds of water types, which are the latest high-tech novel products. The big laser water screen, which is sixty-meter wide and twenty-meter high, is peculiarly magnificent. Four sets of fire spring spurt out from the water and blossom out at six-meter high air. Totally, the fountain contains 1360 sets pumps, 1124 sets of transducers, 3300 sets of lampion and more than 2,000 sets of nozzles. Lights under the water, LED belt and the lights around the bank control the lighting system of the fountain. The music is operated by high fidelity and long-range professional audio systems. So the sound, the light, the water and the color of the fountain are harmoniously combined