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Louguantai - birthplace of Taoism

Louguantai is located in the Zhongnan Moutain which is in the north of Qinling mountains. Louguantai has been over 3,000 years so far and according to the legend is the place where Lao Zi (Li’Er) wrote his book and preached sermon, so Louguantai is called the Taoist holy land and get the Taoist believers’ admiration and worship. It is known as the place of the Chinese culture’s soul and has the reputation of “the most blessed land”, around which is West Louguan where is the place of Lao Zi’s morality cultivation and death. There are Wulao cave, tomb of Laozi and other historic sites. The park deposits more than 50 cultural relics and historic sites, more than 170 steles and more than 150 famous poetry works of celebrities. And there are many famous legends.