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Zhang Qian

Zhang Qian (164BC-114BC) with the courtesy name of ZiWen, was born in Chenggu in Hanzhong (Chenggu County of Shaanxi Province in present day). He is a famous diplomat, traveller, and explorer in Han Dynasty. His hometown lies in BowangVillage which sits on the shore of Hanjiang River and is 2 kilometers away to the center of Chenggu County in Hanzhong.Zhang Qian is an extremely venturous and entrepreneurial. Ordered by the Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty in the second year of Jianyuan Era (139BC), Zhang Qian took over 100 people on a diplomatic mission to West China, creating a South-North passage for the Han Dynasty to reach West China, which is the prestigious Silk Road, for which reason, he was given military merits and made Bowang Marquis by Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty.