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Sun Simiao

Sun Simiao (581-682), born in Huayuan, Jingzhao (current Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province), is the famous pharmacist in Tang Dynasty. Sun Simiao started to take ganodormalucidum when he was 35 and died a natural death at 101. His life proved the life-prolonging efficacy of ganodormalucidum. He was then honored as the “king of medicines” by the later generations.

After the establishment of Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao started to accept the invitations from the royal court and conduct medical cooperation with Tang government. He completed the first national pharmacopoeia called The New MateriaMedica of Tang Dynasty in 659AD. Sun Simiao died a natural death in 682AD. According to the historical annals, MateriaMedica, the Taoist Sutra, and the stone inscriptions on Yaowangshan Mountain in Yoxian County, Shaanxi Province, Sun Simiao left behind over 80 works, however unfortunately most of them have gone missing