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Salute illustrious 21st Century

Ancient capital Xi'an, the tourism dream is over the time.

Ancient capital Xi'an, an oriental bright phearl shines the light of ancient civilization and high technology.
Qinling Mountains, Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, Huaqing Hot Springs, Stone Tablet, Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, hi-tech park, satellite survey center… all represent attractive charm.

Xi'an was called as Chang'an, is one of the world four ancient capitals. Setting foot on this ancient ground, ancientry and ancient style are widely read by personage everywhere, stepping into this profound history museum, greet curiosa left by past dynasties. Touch brick in Qin Dynasty and tile in Han Dynasty, it seems like that feel the refulgence of 13 dynasties were founding a capital for more than 1100 years, all of which shine the light of wisdom of Chinese ancestor.

 Address by Zhang Yongke 

Director General of Xi’an Tourism Bureau                     

A ground out of the common, gestate special Chinese civilization; it is sigh that the amidst the winds of change. 

Xi'an, is a lucky city, a long time ago, opened up famous brand for the revival of tourism, enjoyed good name of "General History Museum". A famous international tourism city is created by the sediment of historical culture, from the "bell in the morning of Goose Pagoda" rend over the sky to comfortable "Haitang Hot Spring", from the biggest emperor mausoleum in the world to the biggest stone stack in China, from Zhou Haojing, Afang Palace of Qin Dynasty to Han Capital, Tang Town, from the civilization of etiquette and music in Zhou Dynasty and argue among Warring States to the exploring of first emperor of Qin Dynasty and Wu emperor of Han Dynasty and Zhen'guan Rules, Kaiyuan Prime, all of which are the symbolize, artistic conception and gravitation.

Setting foot on the ancient wall, stroll on the city, there is another vision: thickly dotted road network, international airport, modern communication equipment, which connect Xi'an to the world, as well as a great deal of tourism service facility such as hotels, bowling hall and large-scale stores. The ancient historical famous city, has developed into an multi-function modern tourism city, and it is no doubt that dig of historical culture connation make this ancient city more attractive.

"Bell in the morning and drum in the evening", make people enjoy very much.

Ancient-style city entering ceremony is opened, welcome the distinguished guests;

Army corps of first emperor of Qin Dynasty will go out for a battle;

The tourist is again attracted by the development of Qinling Mountains green tourism belt;

Tourism project and tourism product taking the historical culture as connation have shaped the system.

Xi'an, the city makes the tourist linger long without any thought of leaving, the men of letters love it, is rushing into international tourism market in new gesture, let us go hand in hand, dedicate a beautiful and flourishing international tourism city to 21st Century.