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Xian Transportation

Located in the geographical centre of China, Xian is regarded as an important communications hub for the western and the eastern parts of China. The city has already developed a modern transportation network incorporating road, rail, and air travel.

By Air
Xian's airport is located 50 km (about 31 miles) northwest of downtown Xian in Xianyang, a neighboring city. Ranked as the fourth most frequented airport in China, Xianyang International Airport (XIY) is home to 68 domestic daily flights from almost every major Chinese destination. From Jiuzhaigou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou and Lianyungang, etc. to Xian are newly opened domestic routes. International airlines from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand totally 10 Asian cities are well established services of XIY. In 2005, there opened 7 new international airline routs from Germany, France, Britain, America and Canada via transfers in Beijing. In 2006, other 8 international airline routs from Europe, America and Asian are opening via transfers in Shanghai. International air connections with Hong Kong and Macao are also available depending on the airline schedule. Presently, with a total of 25 international air routs, Xian has become the city with most international connections in Western China.
Xianyang International Airport Enquiry: (029) 88798450

There are shuttle busses between the airport and the urban area with a 25 Yuan admission fee per person. Alternatively, at a price of 100 - 120 Yuan the journey can be made by taxi.

Here we will offer some information on shuttle bus in detail.
Line 1-between airport and Melody Hotel near the Bell Tower
Tourists can reach many luxurious hotels in the city center by this line, like Hyatt Regency, Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel, Bell Tower Hotel, Prince International Hotel and City Hotel, etc.
Line 2-between airport and railway station, passes by Qinfeng Hotel and Jiefang Hotel, passengers can take this line to get to the Diamond International Hotel.
Line 3-between airport and Huoju Dasha in Xian Hi-tech zone
Line 4-between airport and Guomao Dasha in southern suburb, passes by Tangcheng Hotel and Orient Hotel
Line 5-between airport and Jianguo Hotel in eastern suburb, passes by Empress Hotel

Though shuttle bus departing at downtown area leaves hourly from 6:00 to 18:00 for airport, the line 2 to 5 may be not in service after 15:00 or 16:00 except Line 1. While the departing time of bus from airport to downtown be according to the arrival time of flights. Even passengers of late arrivals can catch the service, but it will take passengers to Melody Hotel (near the Bell Tower) possibly not on to other destinations of lines above.

Line 6 is between airport and downtown Xianyang, which passes Caihong Hotel of Xianyang City.

By Train
With a reputation as 'the Gateway to the West', Xian Railway Station is one of the most pivotal terminals of the domestic railway system. It is the key junction between the southwest and the northwest, and forms a connecting link between the east and the west of China.
The station lies in the north urban area, so it will take you about half an hour by car from the downtown area. Buses traveling to the railway station can be found on every main street, and will only cost you 1 or 2 Yuan. If you choose to travel by taxi, the fare should be less than 10 Yuan (from the city center).

Purchasing train tickets can be troublesome for foreigners, as the ticket windows are usually crowded and have few English-speaking staff. One solution to such a problem is to ask for the ticket-booking service at any star rated hotel, who will offer their assistance for a nominal service charge. You are better off buying train tickets one week in advance of travel, especially during the peak travel seasons.

By Bus
The highway transportation to Xian extends in all direction. Long-distance buses commute between Xian and many large cities, covering 18 provinces and over 300 cities and counties. The Xian long-distance bus line terminal, which has been ranked as the highest class station in the whole nation, lies to the southwest of the railway station. People usually buy bus tickets on the same day of travel. Generally speaking, though the price is much more economical, foreigners are not encouraged to take the long-distance busses due to general hardship and fatigue. If at all possible, the plane and train are better choices.